Crawl Space Ventilation


Constructing codes in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas and throughout the United States had basement and crawl space grills on opposite sides of homes. Ventilation was the idea behind the building method, which was thought to succeed like this: humid basement air would be replaced with clean outdoors air in a continuous ventilation process. Nevertheless in reality, this theory did not work. Air moves upward in the home. Thus, air coming through vents is actually drawn from the basement and sucked into the upper floors of the home. The method that was intended to resolve the wetness issues in Dallas Fort Worth homes and elsewhere, contributed to worsening the moisture and moisture situation in basements as well as the rest of the home. Vents installation increased mold, wood rot, poor air quality, musty odors and pests in Dallas Fort Worth homes. Crawl space ventilation also led to increased electrical power bills.

Elite Moisture Solutions discusses that ventilation is a factor for crawl space moisture factors; however , science provided the ideal solution that has been working well in Dallas Fort Worth homes as well as all around the United States. Crawl space encapsulation is a comprehensive solution to moisture problems for Dallas Fort Worth homeowners. Encapsulation seals the floor and walls with a sturdy polyethylene vapor barrier liner. In addition , vent covers seal outside the house air coming in through the vents. Cracks, gaps and holes are sealed tightly. The outside door is also covered so that there is no ongoing ventilation in the basement area.

Encapsulation is a complete solution to crawl space moisture troubles in many homes. At times, though, in situations of high relative humidity, there may be a need for additional underground room conditioning. Dehumidifying the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas crawlspace using an energy efficient dehumidifier is a good choice. A 2nd choice for decreasing humidity in the basement is to use a conditioning unit to get conditioned air from the property down into the basement area. Professional crawl space contractors will work with homeowners to ensure the encapsulation solution is normally right for the specific crawl space moisture problems present.